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Teaching outdoors

Hero Workshops are designed to teach you all the skills you need to shoot, either the basics (Hero Essentials) or a complete Landscape set (Hero Holidays)

Over the last 2 years myself and Dennis Radermacher have been working on putting together the ultimate, most complete landscape workshop format out there. After trying a series of individual workshops we decided the best way to tackle this is to combine it all into a 4 day weekend. This allows us to cover everything needed and get plenty of shooting time in.

Our central pillars for these workshops are small numbers (1:5 ratio), practical fun teaching, and teaching outdoors.

In October we run our first ‘Hero Holiday’ at Aoraki/Mt Cook. It was an absolute blast.

We began with covering some basics and a little info on ourselves, and our approach. This was out on the plains surrounded by huge mountains in one of the worlds most spectacular locations. We prefer to be out, hands on, working in the environments you will be shooting in.  Dusty classrooms are reserved for the processing sessions where we cover the details of Lightroom and Photoshop.

The Hero Holiday covers all the landscape shooting and processing skills you need, but we recommend you understand shooting in manual mode and how the exposure triangle works.

If you dont we also provide a fundamentals workshop, this is half a day, outdoors, and is a deep dive into how an exposure is made. Nothing boring or dusty we make sure its fun and you leave knowing what you need to. We call this the Hero Essentials.

In the future we will be running a Hero Holiday twice a year (Queenstown and Mt Cook), and Hero Essentials every 3 months.

You can find out more info and book by clicking workshops on the menu ore this link – Hero Workshops.

A big shout out to Dennis Radermacher, I love his dedication to detail and technique, he’s such a fantastic photographer and compliments my own style and abilities, as a team it works really well. If you dont know him or his work pop ove to his facebook page – Lightforge where you will find his professional Architecture and landscape images. He has also won New Zealand Geographic and published in numerous magazines.

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