Koropuku falls

Koropuku falls

Deep in the Catlins there is a hidden gem, a small, insignificant signpost marks the start of a magical journey to an amazing place.

Hardly knowing what to expect we started walking into the forest , listening to a riot of birdsong calling out all around.

Shortly we are faced with a river crossing, but with stepping stones the lines blur between reality and fantasy.

Is this New Zealand, or Middle Earth?

The track winds deeper into lush native forest. Huge ferns line our way, massive trees. We clamber over and under, along.

Before long we reach a stream, covered in massive boulders, lined with moss and ferns, we can hear the falls in the distance.

I am entranced, never have I seen such stunning beauty, all lit green, more like a film set with every carefully placed footstep.

If Elves exist we shall surely find them dancing and laughing ahead!

Round the last corner, over the last rise finally we see our prize, the journeys end. Koropuku falls, a wonder of the world.

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