September 4th 2012 we had a huge storm roll though Christchurch.

I headed up onto the Port Hills and got a few shots but the storm looked quite violent ) we had golf ball sized hail!) and I was fairly exposed so I headed off to Sumner and managed to grab a pretty spectacular image of lightning strikes over the East of Christchurch , so I posted it up to Flickr and Facebook.

It went a bit viral. Chc EQ Pics shared it, New Zealand `100%, New Zealand Geographic posted it, by the following morning everyone in work had seen it and friends were getting emails about ‘the lightning pic’.

And (without permission!) TVNZ have featured it on their news article about the storm!

It seems everyone likes a good lightning pic! We’ve been in Christchurch 8 years and this is by far the biggest most active storm to hit the area.

I’ll be sorting out some canvas prints of this for sale on trademe, please contact me if you want some other print or licence of the image!


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