Dyers Pass Sunset

Long time no posts! Seems I have been uploading to flickr but not updating Zarphag much. Time to change that I think!

Well whats been happening recently?

Well I have a couple of photos published in the upcoming New Zealand Geographic yearbook Souther Exposure.

Souther Exposure

Beached As bro from the Tip Top Kite day at New Brighton:

Beached As Bro

And The Commuter from Hagley Park :

The Commuter

Also I’ll be working on my submissions to this years NZ Geo Photographer of the year competition.

I’ve been steadily adding to my images for sale over on Getty though I’ve a big bunch sat in processing whilst I contemplate what route I want to go forward with stock photography.  I’ve recently been asked and have submitted a collection of images for sale via Hedgehog House so expect to see some images of mine appear over thee shorty. I think I prefer the local touch Colin and his team have over the big corporation view from Getty , we’ll see what the results are much further down the track I think.

I spent the night camping in Ahsburton Lakes with Giles the other month and one of the images has been published in DPhoto magazine (issue 48),’Goodnight Lake Emma’:

Goodnight Lake Emma

This was a fairly complex shot to get and process, one long high ISO exposure for a star field, a couple of hundred 30 second shots blended in starstax then the whole blended in photoshop.

Last month I finally gave in and moved to a full frame camera. Sold the 7D , 17-55 and 10-20 and bought a canon 5d mark II and 17-40L, along with a RRS L plate. I’ll do a more comprehensive summary of my thoughts , feelings and results later. I’ve been shooting like crazy in the last few months so theres lots to look at and compare.

Oh and the Dyres pass sunset is a blend of 3 shots from photomatix, hand held, 17-40 on the 5d2. Turned out rather well I think with a great spread of tones!

Time for pizza now so I’ll post some more updates soon (if anyone reads them)!


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