Canon S95

I’ve been after a small P&S to take on hikes, bikes and general have a camera in your pocket moments for ages.

Theres a huge choice out there right now and getting better every month. Canons new G1x, Fuji’s range of X cameras look superb. Even Canon have a newer version out, the s100.

Why the s95? Its relatively cheap, the X10 is twice the price, the s100 is better but not by so much you’d really notice.

After a month or so of using it I’m starting to get a hang on its limits and abilities. Its not an SLR of course , operationally it has all the manual modes you want, but things like switching between them is slower, the shutter speed is global (between say Tv and M), manual focus in manual mode is tricky at best, but you can assign focus lock or exposure lock to another button. The raw files look good in decent light, up to ISO 400 is OK, ISO 800 seems usable. It does seem to focus at a reasonable speed and in lowish difficult conditions also.

Its overall a bit of a pocket rocket, controls are excellent and IQ , whilst not up to 7D standards is decent (it likely would give my 350d a run for its money, almost..)

One weird thing is Canon provide a time laps movie mode, excellent I hear you say! But it only comes with a fake tilt shift effect? Also no remote release/triggering and no hot shoe, though the flash controls are adequate with a slow synch mode and plenty of options.

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