Bit of this and that

I’ve been busy processing some images for a client for printing/framing this last week or so so haven’t had time to work on the Nelson/Wanaka pics , also been busy at work and planning a new computer upgrade as mine is getting way past its best and really slowing things down.

Still, I’ve been shooting here and there over the last week so thought I’d put a few up on here, random local scenery, flowers and birds stuff.

First up is shot with the sigma 50mmf1.4 somewhere on Clifton hill.

And a couple of Starlings keen on finishing off the last few apples in my orchard, 400/5.6L.

Monday morning sunrise at Sumner, 17-55 with the new 0.6 reverse ND.

Wednesday evening sunset at shag pile, 10-20 and 0.9 hard ND grad.

Groynes park Waxeye with the 400L

And a bunch of new filters courtesy of Teamwork Photo in the UK, these are looking very good quality, seem much better than the Cokin ones I’ve been using.

0.3,0.6,0.9 ND (85mm and 100mm..)

0.3,0.6,0.9 ND soft

0.9 ND hard

0.6 Reverse ND

And a 3.0 ND for long exposure shots.

Will put a review of them up once I’ve had a good chance to use them all!


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