The New Sumner

 Shag Rock, a local landmark, after the February earthquake lies mostly in ruin after being shaken to pieces by the 6.3 quake. It is volcanic rock and is prone to fracturing and decay but it does show you the power of the recent quake where a landmark which has stood for millenia is destroyed.

Were in the process of renaming it, something like shagged rock or shag pile. If no more shags come to visit it could just be pile..?

The cliffs on Clifton hill opposite took a battering and a number of very expensive homes will be demolished, Geovert are busy securing them against more rockfall and demolishing parts of buildings and gardens that overhang. Here you can just make out 4 geovert employees working on the upper right. A long line of double stacked containers (mostly 42G1’s if your interested) guard the road around the corner.

Cave Rock came off a lot better than Shag Rock, some rockfall either side of the steps and the esplanade isn’t as bike friendly these days (that’s lifted over a foot).

Heres one of the first houses on our road, it was an old dunga , the owner was planning to pull it down and build something new, well job partly done.

Its ‘Red Stickered’ which means no entry, keep clear. Easy to see why…

This house is 3 doors down (other side of the street). It  was 2 stories , the builders from next doors rebuild got lucky when a random guy turned up with a generator and they cut down through the roof, floor and a wall to recover an elderly woman who lived here.

This is the back of the house, remember 2 stories… The houses either side of this one are also red stickered.

Sumner Town center is looking pretty grim too. The supervalue supermarket is open, as is DotCom , Indian Sumner and Red Snapper.

The Old council buildings (now museum) is in a terrible state , being old and brick build. Its surrounded by containers and will likely be demo’d.

The Ruptured Duck, badly damaged from the previous quake has been demo’d already.

As will several other buildings along that stretch.

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