The Red Verandah

Saturday Brunch at the Red Verandah, a well known gourmet cafe in Christchurch.

This was supposed to be a baby shower for a work colleague of my wife’s, Petra, but she ‘poped’ a touch on the early side and it got delayed somewhat.

Luckily Abigail was born without too much drama (see I’m a bloke, I can say that) and we rearranged the brunch for the morning of the Band Together concert.

We ate outside, I had the Oaty Pancakes (above) and they were quite tasty, much better than the mushrooms on toast I had on my previous visit.

Gallery above


  1. Sadly this cafe took quite a lot of damage in the Feb earthquake and is now demolished. There opening a small cafe in the smithy building on the same site for now and will rebuild.
    The owners house has also been red stickered:(

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