A New Start

Welcome, again, to Zarphag!

I’ve been quite remiss in updating the website mostly because the CMS I was using (joomla 1.0) wasn’t very appropriate to photo blogs and made things quite difficult. Moving to joomla 1.5 looks, frankly, a nightmare. So instead I had a look around and settled on a WordPress install with a template called ‘Autofocus Plus’.

Most of the old articles are up and reformatted, some are missing (the macro guides) and I’ll endeavour to update them later.

Also not working at the moment is the ‘Portfolio’ option, still haven’t settled on a good gallery system but hopefully this will change soon.

I’ll be adding several new entries over the next few days and filling in the blanks over the last year or so as I go too, so check back often and hopefully you’ll be greeted with some fresh interesting entries!


  1. I love this little shoot,i would love to see more plants from your area !! your photography is amazing!! THank you for sharing!

    • Hi Kim! Well I’ll be adding a ton of stuff over the next few weeks hopefully so keep checking!

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