The Commuter

What could be a better way to start your day than a walk through Hagley Park in gorgeous morning light with a soft mist turning it into a fairytale landscape?

A cool early spring morning with low mist all through the park with a strong early sun created a magical feel in Hagley Park this morning.

Just what photographers want so I couldnt pass by. The light was somewhat tricky with a large dynamic range so I switched over to manual and fired off a couple of test shots, luckily nailing them because they turned out to be rather decent.

Once I’d got the levels about right we can work on composition, this shot with the path winding into the distance along side the Avon and the corpse of trees off to the right , foreground covered in daffodils seemed to be hitting the mark, a soft black and white treatment for this sets it off.

The trees create interesting shadows and contrast in the morning light.

A closer look at that bank of daffodils.

By now a few people were walking, skating, cycling to work through Hagley park, its quite a commuter zone for people who work in Christchurch, I bike through there to work sometimes and it does start your day on a good note. An office worker passes by and all the elements of a great photo line up and it almost takes itself.

With the sun rising and the mist slowly dissapating it was time to play with lens flare at the bandstand.

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