Fun with a 50

Shooting with the ‘Nifty fifty’ is often very rewarding despite its limitations it produces great images at times.

I often go out with just the 7D and 17-55 its a great all round lens and fast at f2.8 which normaly is enough to get the kind of shots I like, but sometimes you want something a little different. My first ever SLR lens is the Canon EF 50mmf1.8, its small, light, plastic , cheap and nasty. So why have it? Its fast, and sharp, if you can live with its downsides its the best value for money lens you can buy.

Using a fixed focal length prime makes you concentrate more on the framing and subject, forcing you to shift yourself about to get the shot , and also gives you much more control over Depth of Field than a zoom typically can.

Cosi Fan Tutte provided the first stop of the day, is packed with interesting things, 3 images made the cut.

I know, selective colouring is so 2002 but it did really suit this shot!

Then we popped round to Red Fish Blue Fish, another eclectic collection of gifts, cards, smellies and toys.

Over Evans pass is Lyttelton , a very funky little port town, this shot is tucked away down an alley.

In Christchurch Cashel Mall area there’s endless opportunities for detail shots, and plenty of crisp dry leaves in Autumn.

Most of these shots are wide open at f1.8, the nifty fifty has a poor 5 straight aperture blades which come into play when stopped down, this creates a hexagonal and harsh Bokeh, though the lens doesn’t get decently sharp until f2.5 so its a trade off. Sharp or nice blur? Much as I love the 50/1.8 it will be replaced with a better faster f1.4 version.

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