First Light

I hit the Sumner beach early on Friday for a few choice pics and nature puts on a glorious display!
Christchurch gets a good ol norwester , first in a while and the dawn colour is spectacular.

Plan A was head over to New Brighton and get some pier shots,  but I see the sky growing more colour full as I drive down Clifton hill and know I haven’t got the time for the drive, I rush down to Sumner and dash up to the top of Cave Rock and set the tripod up, here’s the first shot: 


A picture is worth about 104 of my words so I’ll just post a few more.. 


 And a shot past cave rock with the Kaikouras in the distance: 

 At this point I notice a baby seal playing in the shallow breaking waves off cave rock, so I slap on the 70-200 , put the camera down to f3.2 and ISO 800 look up and its a gone burger. I then forget to change the camera settings when I stop at the estuary for a few more pics… D’oh..

 Pretty impressed with Noise ninja for that recovery… As I head back to the car I notice the Moon has just risen in the sunrise so a quick lens change and this is the result: 

 Wish every morning could be as colourfull as this one!

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