Taylors Mistake

A Wednesday morning sunrise at Taylors Mistake Beach 

 Taylors Mistake is a small cove and beach nestled between Scarborough and Godley head, about 3 kms from Sumner. It has a surf club a scattering of houses and a number of old bach’s some of them built into the rock face.

Its called Taylors Mistake due to a Captain Taylor of the Volga trying to sail to Lyttleton in 1858 and got the bay confused with Lyttleton Harbour. 

The morning saw a bank of cloud on the horizon blocking the first light of the sun from showing, and the clear skies , when it did break through didn’t give much colour either! 

 There were a number of Spotted Shags at the colony on the iconic headlands towards Whitewash Head. 

 The sun wasn’t providing quite the nice soft morning light I’d hoped for so shot a few slow shutter wave breaking frames and got a few reasonable images given that there was hardly any swell to break! 

 The sun was giving the sand a nice golden colour with strong shadows so any excuse for a shallow DOF beach shot with hopefully enough interest to make it worthwhile.. 

Godley Head was lit very nicely by this point with some great colour and definition, it would have been great to just walk out up there and spend the day hiking round enjoying the outdoors, stopping at Boulder bay and the gun emplacements for lots more photo’s.. But work called..

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