Sumner Sunrise

An early start in Sumner for a sunrise shot.

 After offering to dop my wife off in Sumner for a physio appointment  and wait round to pick her up I took the opertunity to get some shutter time in.

 Actualy I offered so I could get some pics but people dont need to know that do they….

 The sunrise was already well underway (have to be quick here) so I dashed down the hill , droped Pam off and zoomed to the esplanade, raced up cave rock and set up my tripod..

 Managed a few decent shots while the sun was coming up and befoer it hid behind the cloud bank, a lot of shooting directly into the sun so exposure and lens flare issues were the order of the day. I can deal with lens flare, just..:D

 Kind of made a dramatic sunrise out of what wasnt that dramatic a sea, a bigger swell would have realy set this off.

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